Textures in Black




I’m playing with textures in this monochromatic look: satin bomber, rough denim, and sleek leather. It’s Minimal, yet interesting. I also layered two t-shirts in different lengths for dimension.


Bomber by Nike | T-Shirt by Acne Studios | Denim by Zara | Shoes by Saint Laurent


Outfit shot for The Avenue Showcase

Stay True


Something a bit outside of my usual aesthetic, I decided to give the ‘Athleisure’ trend a go. Never do I ever wear sneakers. Ever. Having been so used to sleek leather shoes, I felt a bit clownish wearing these Adidas sneakers.  But hey, they didn’t end up looking terrible.


Another thing I never usually wear is blue, unless of course, its denim; but the faint shade of this hoodie is as close as it gets to being a neutral, so its not really a stretch away from my colour palette. Also, I couldn’t say no to the fluffiness of the brushed interior.


Bomber by Zara | Hoodie by Industrie | Denim by Acne Studios | Shoes by Adidas

Outfit shot for The Avenue Showcase

Bieber Bitch


I went to the Purpose World Tour last month, and since then I have been obsessed with this t-shirt. My intoxicated self really enjoyed the show; the EDM-heavy tracks, especially. I was slightly disappointed however that Mr. Bieber did not remove his shirt at all during the concert. I was left quenched and had to instead, replenish myself with more alcoholic beverages throughout the rest of the night.


Also, how insanely distressed are these jeans? The front is barely existent. I love them. they’re extra. Like me.


T-shirt|Purpose Merch  Jeans|One Teaspoon  Shoes|Zara


It’s in the details.


An easy, uncomplicated way to enhance a simple, monochromatic outfit is by adding a statement accessory; like these printed socks from the KENZO x H&M collection. The PVC sides on these brogues bring emphasis to the statement socks even more.



Outfit by Zara  |  Socks by KENZO x H&M


Photography | Rakhee

Ribbings and Fringe


For some reason denim and camel hues go cohesively well together. With a subtle western influence, this look is very street, with a bit of chic from the sleek leather. I adore the fringed hem on these jeans; a bit of a twist on a classic cut. The extra long sleeves show comfiness, and ease.




One of my friends actually said that I look like the scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz whenever I wear these jeans. She’s not entirely  wrong though.

Knit | COS

Denim | Zara

Shoes | Zara

Photography | Rakhee