Industrial Denim


A simple look today –  a pair of boyfriend jeans, even though I am without; a rollneck knit is tres chic, and a longline overshirt adds rhythm.


Knit by Zara | Overshirt by Acne Studios | Denim by Acne Studios


Photos by Mitch


Tropico II: Studio SS17 in Suburbia


This insanely oversized parka is EVERYTHING. A perfect shade of khaki, it has draw strings that cinches the waist and around the hem, huge patch pockets, and an exaggerated hood that seamlessly connects to the jacket’s opening. The tough utilitarian vibe is feminised with a blush pink lining. Since the jacket is such a statement piece, I decided to wear it on its own; I paired it with high waisted camel trousers and black ankle boots.


Parka by Zara Studio SS17 (here) | Trousers by Acne Studios | Boots by Zara


Photography by Mitch 


Tropico: Zara Studio SS17


A hybrid of a Harrington and a Bomber, this jacket is a bit more than your typical. The details are what makes it exceptional; knit panels on the shoulders, a double zipped closure, cropped back, and draw strings. I styled it monochromatically with a rollneck knit, faux leather biker pants, and ankle boots.



Full outfit by Zara | SS17 Studio Jacket here


Photos by Mitch Knowles



I feel very juvenile in these dungarees; so carefree,  so playful. I feel like running around in an open, grass flooded field. tumbling over, being coated in dirt, grabbing flowers with my teeth. All while Troye Sivan’s Youth plays in the background.


Jumper by COS | Dungarees by Dangerfield | Sneakers by Adidas


Outfit shot for The Avenue Showcase



I’m in love with this utilitarian bomber jacket. The patch pockets, the harnesses, the hardware. the extensive detail is what I’m living for. Theres even a massive pocket at the back, and I don’t even know what you’re meant to store in it (an emergency kit, maybe?).  I paired the jacket with extremely distressed pieces, and polished it up with Saint Laurent boots.


Bomber by Zara | Shirt by Zara | Denim by Zara | Boots by Saint Laurent


Outfit shot for The Avenue Showcase

Textures in Black




I’m playing with textures in this monochromatic look: satin bomber, rough denim, and sleek leather. It’s Minimal, yet interesting. I also layered two t-shirts in different lengths for dimension.


Bomber by Nike | T-Shirt by Acne Studios | Denim by Zara | Shoes by Saint Laurent


Outfit shot for The Avenue Showcase

Stay True


Something a bit outside of my usual aesthetic, I decided to give the ‘Athleisure’ trend a go. Never do I ever wear sneakers. Ever. Having been so used to sleek leather shoes, I felt a bit clownish wearing these Adidas sneakers.  But hey, they didn’t end up looking terrible.


Another thing I never usually wear is blue, unless of course, its denim; but the faint shade of this hoodie is as close as it gets to being a neutral, so its not really a stretch away from my colour palette. Also, I couldn’t say no to the fluffiness of the brushed interior.


Bomber by Zara | Hoodie by Industrie | Denim by Acne Studios | Shoes by Adidas

Outfit shot for The Avenue Showcase