Angel Down


I’m a believer, it’s chaos. Where are our leaders? I’d rather save an Angel Down.

img_3974img_3971img_3975img_3972img_3969img_3973This song is quite reflective of how I’m feeling right now. I’m never one to delve into political issues, but I can’t help but grieve America right now. Seeing so many people fear for their rights, and their lives is extremely heartbreaking. It was appalling to know that half of america supports a man of bigotry, misogyny, homophobia and racism. America stepped a few decades back with this election; going from the first ever African-American president to a white supremacist. I think that’s enough political talk, I’m wearing black because I’m in mourning.

Jumper & Shoes | Zara

Jeans | Topshop

Choker | Dangerfield

Photography | Casey Kim 


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